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SlimeWars Operative Photo A.D. 2544

Tabletop Board Game taken directly from the 350,000 word Masterpiece Novel by sffwa author and former Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine Editor, E.J. Gold.

Gold, also a Listed American Artist and has illustrated stories by Malcolm Jameson, Winston Marks, James E. Gunn, Theodore R. Cogswell, Fredric Brown, Damon Knight, Robert Sheckley, Daniel F. Galouye, Frederic Pohl, Robert Silverberg, Roger Zelazny, Janni Lee Sumner, Cynthia Ward, Kent Brewster, Jean-Marie Stine, David Kyle, Chuck Rothman, L.S. Silverthorne, Clifford D. Simak, L. Sprague deCamp, Judith Merrill, K.D. Wentworth, Evelyn E. Smith, Forrest J Ackerman, William F. Wu, Frank Herbert and more...

His work has been featured in many venues and recently the iaje jazz educators in New York City used his work as a backdrop for Nancy Wilson and many other jazz greats -- see more on this and other art exhibits.

Gold is also a Senior Game Developer at , and has several million downloads of his blockbuster Paparazi to his credit.

There are several decks of cards in the SlimeWars Boardgame and anyone who read all 350,000 words of the novel will easily recognize them:

  1. Xitha Gemstone Cards
  2. Groznakh Armor Cards
  3. Groznakh Weapons Cards
  4. Shapeshifter Cards
  5. TimeTripper Cards
  6. SmogOps Cards
  7. UFO Abduction Cards
  8. Slime Mold Pardon Cards
  9. Cleverness Cards
  10. Sheer Dumb Luck Cards
  11. Inflict Mind-Numbing Pain Cards (example: Lord of Rings, the movie.)
  12. Slither and Slash Cards
  13. Skulking Skills Cards
  14. Subtle Weapons Cards
  15. Dominations Cards

The rules are very simple; the game plays about as easily as the most popular board game, with about the same time-frame, anywhere from half a day of play to several weeks where nobody touches the board.

Maps are interchangeable, although different games from gatewaysbooksandtapes do seem to require additional parts, pieces and sometimes even the type of dice used will vary.

One does not need to know anything about D&D -- Dungeons and Dragons -- or Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, simply because these games are not derived from that genre of table and combat gaming.

Wargaming has been around for tens of centuries, and achieved a wide popularity in the late 17th and 18th centuries.

This game is not medieval. It is set throughout the history of the Galaxy and maybe beyond the galaxy into supergalaxies, super-super-galaxies and possibly even Beyond The Big Bang.

Rooted in the 37th century, dominated by Slime Molds and little else, Earthians of the Slime Mold variety delight in gaming in much the same way that we humans here on Earth enjoy videogames such as the x-box, game cube, nintendo and other companies currently issue.

The storyline follows the book, so I won't bore the reader with details that will shortly be available on gamexx.

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